Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 2011 Update

My son and daughter, who are both in college, are coming home for Spring Break next week. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I love having them around and getting to have actual conversations with them, instead of the disjointed text message exchanges we usually have. I’ll get to hear about what they’re studying, who they’re hanging out with, and what music I’ve never heard of they’re listening to. On the other hand, Ellie and I are starting to get used to a semi-empty nest. We kind of like having the whole house just to ourselves. We’re becoming accustomed to only having each other to consult about what to eat for dinner and how to spend our evenings. And we’re actually getting to spend time together as a couple, which we’d almost forgotten how to do. So, having the house the way it used to be will be a change and take a little adjustment. But this is one of those good problems to have: at least my kids are coming home, and they have a home to come home to.

With the Reunion approaching fast, we are making a dedicated effort to find as many missing classmates as possible, and to verify the contact information of the ones we already have. As a result, we now thing we know the whereabouts of 528 classmates, which is a new all-time record! Many people have been passing along contact info, including Gene Blair and Ernie Rheaume. I have to give a special thank you to Franne Donovan and Cosima Fallon, who have been making many many phone calls to contact classmates. If you are in contact with any classmates, please let me know whatever info you have.

Condolences to Anthony Limberakis, whose father, John A. Limberakis, died in June. His father was a priest in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America for more than 60 years, including 15 years at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Cranston. Here’s a memorial site to Father Limberakis:

George Alford was involved in a serious rollover car accident in February. Despite significant injuries, George is on the mend. He says, “I could say I was just lucky, and that I wear a seatbelt all the time, and that is what saved me, but I know better than that. God holds all the cards, all of them. We are under his law, and love.” You can contact George at

As many of you know, David Fowler makes a practice of running in the Boston Marathon each year as a fundraiser in memory of his son, Nick. This year, Dave is starting a foundation called “Help in the Nick of Time” to carry on Nick’s caring spirit. You can read all about it on Dave’s blog:
I recommend reading the blog just to enjoy Dave’s writing. If you think you can contribute or help out, so much the better.

Several people let me know that Florence Cardogno Voccola was recently interviewed on the local RI news at her F Bianco women’s boutique. Here’s a link to that interview:

Let’s see, what is that I’m forgetting? Oh, yes! We’re having our 40th-year Reunion on Friday, June 10, 2011 at the beautiful Bonnet Shores Beach Club in Narragansett, RI. Cocktails will be available at a cash bar at 6:30 PM, followed by a buffet dinner at 7:30. That should allow plenty of time for circulating and conversing. Casual dress. Tickets are $50 per person. Please mail checks made out to “CHSE” to:
Pat Giarrusso
11 Bow and Arrow Trail South
Wakefield, RI 02879
Thank you to Pat for handling the money once again!

After seeing some of what goes on behind the scenes of an event like the Reunion, I want to express my thanks to class president Dan Barry for all that he does. There are, no exaggeration, a thousand details that must be taken care of, and Dan consistently steps up to volunteer his time – and money – to make sure that everything goes well. Let me tell you that not all alumni classes are as lucky as we are. My sister’s class, also from CHSE, has a president who is AWOL, not even attending the reunions, never mind planning and managing them. Please take the time, at some point, to thank Dan for all he is doing for us.

By the way, there is lots to be done already, and we can use your help. We are trying to contact all classmates either with a mailed invitation, an email message, or a phone call. We need people to call classmates and verify addresses. If you can dial 10 digits, you can help. Please contact me and I’ll give you some numbers to call. As we get closer to the time, there will be other tasks to be done.

At the bottom, you’ll see the names of some of the classmates we’re still looking for. Please let me know if you have any clues for any of them.

We have lots of ways to keep in touch online, now. For example, we have a web site:
(thanks to Ernie Sutcliffe for starting and maintaining)
and wiki:
(also thanks to Ernie)
and Facebook group:
and a Facebook event for the Reunion:
Check out one or more of these easy ways to see what people are up to.

Baseball season’s starting soon! Go Sox!

Have a super day!

Ed DeJesus

Here are the people we’re looking for. Please let me know if you have any clues:
James F. Adams
Alice A. Allard Greenard
Joyce Amato
Anna Ambrosino
April Amiot Howell
Phillip M. Arons
George F. Bagley
Linda Baris
Rebecca E. Barnes
Susan E. Beach Dyl
Doris A. Benson
Paula Boffa Taylor
Janet Bonner DelBonis
Bruce Bookbinder
Susan J. Bottomley
Linda A. Bouchard
Robert W. Boyd
Susan Brill
Shelley L. Brough Mingus
Linda Arlene Brousseau Gormley
Charles Brown
Curtis Brown
Dorothy Buchanan Rocchio
Janet Buckley Flynn
Joseph Cacchiotti
Elaine Cantagallo Mailhot
Mona T. Carron
Joseph F. Carter
Claire M. Cassiere
Donald Castrignano
Gail Cedar Heymsfield
Stephen Champagne
Christine Champane Babbidge
Susan R. Charboneau
Jacalyn Chartier Pico
Paul Ciccone
David E. Cohen
Harvey Cohen
Janet P. Cohen
Marcia C. Cohen
William Collinson
John Collinson
John Conaty
Jean Conneely Chiello
Maureen Conway Hallam
Steven H. Cook
Michael Creta
Donna Croner Pytka
Timothy J. Cunningham
Michaela Daley Pilloni
Theresa Danella Tanner
Russell A. DeConti
Susana Del Carpio
Jane M. Delbonis Angelini
Steven Delponte
Joanne M. Desimone
Lucille M. Desimone
Ronald J. Desimone
Vincent DiBattista
Anthony R. Difillipo
Joseph DiFusco
Joan DiMeglio
Ray J. Eisenstadt Immerman
Karen C. Erickson
Edward A. Faiola
Elyse Feldman
Stephen C. Feragne
Robert Fitzgerald
Paula J. Frye
Joyce Fusco
David Galoski
Cynthia M. Geremia Fox
Clifford Goodhue
Stephanie Grant Dutra
Barbara Green Darowski
Marlene Greenberg
Marc Greenfield
Milton Greenhalgh
James Grimshaw
Sandra G. Grossi Howie
Demetrio Guerriero
Mary Haggstrom Ostrowski
John F. Hanley
Timothy J. Harrington
Craig Hart
Linda Harwood
Frederick D. Hoyle
Colleen Hughes Kraft
Susan Hunter Lee
Frank Iacabbo
Donna A. Jamgochian
Diane L. Jamgochian
Kathleen Johnston Morrison
Michael Jones
Julie A. Kasmicski
Mark Kemble
Barbara A. Lake
Edward Lawrence
Barry J. Levin
Robin Faith Levy
Robert Long
Jeffrey C. Lucas
Sharlene Lundy
Jennifer R. Lyles
Louis Macaruso
David MacNeill
Michael E. Mailhot
Gary Manchester
Louise Marchetti
Richard A. Marrocco
Paul K. Martin
Joanne Martini
Audrey Mastrostefano
Jo-Anne Mattera Andreoli
David W. Maynard
Frederick J. McCaughey
Joseph P. McDonald
Betty Ann McElroy
Linda Meglio
Charles E. Melino
Walter R. Mendillo
Richard C. Merlino
Robert Merluzzo
John Miller
Robert E. Mills
Michael F. Mizer
Stephen F. Moran
Jessica G. Morris
Joanne V. Murphy Cady
James E. Nerney
Joseph J. Nevola
Francesca Notti McDonald
Ellen O'Neil Capaldi
Robert J. Paliotta
Richard Parenteau
Marie S. Pasquazzi Lawton
Kenneth Pastore
Randy Perry
Michael Pomfret
Roxane Poulin
Joyce Prignano
Lynn D. Proctor Cameron
Debra Quattrucci
Marianne V. Quinn
Alajander Rekrut
Steven Renzi
Lynn M. Reuter
Jo-An Ricci
Catherine Ricci Chenes
Mary E. Robbins
Karen A. Robinson
Paul G. Roiff
Wayne R. Russo
Anna M. Ryan
Antonio Sabella
Trudy Saccoccia Cipriano
Beverly Samson Goyer
Sebastian Santoro
Steven Santurri
Linda S. Schietromo
Donna J. Sciarra
Shirley Senecal Klug
Rhonda L. Shapiro
Susan L. Sheehan
James Sheridan
Louis Shore
Carol Silk
Dennis Silvia
Robert M. Sivo
Sharon A. Soderlund Cormier
William J. Sousa
Anthony J. Sousa
Eileen R. Spelman
Stephen J. Spera
Daniel Squillante
Kathleen M. Stamp
David B. Stewart
Paula Tagliaferri Morretti
Frances Terranova
Donald E. Thacker
Cheryl Thomas
John J. Tobin
Claudia M. Tocco
Paul R. Tracy
Michael J. Tremblay
Debra L. Urbano Domenico
Diane Vanasse
Francis J. Vincent
Richard M. Volpe
Dennis Wahl
Laura Waite Sullivan
Donna Waldron
Sharon A. Walker
James Wall
Lawrence Werchadlo
Richard J. White
Pamela Wholey Gelfuso
Thomas J. Wiggins
Maureen Willette
Jacqueline T. Zanca

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  1. unfortunately linda arlene brousseau gormley passed away this past may. she was my favorite aunt, may i please obtain a copy of her yearbook? please email me at my name is jay mychael