Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 December

Thanksgiving this year – which seems like a lifetime ago – was different from most years. Usually, my family and my sister’s family go to my brother’s family’s house in Newton. This year, my sister and her family were going to her in-laws’. And my son’s girlfriend is severely allergic to my brother’s 2 cats. Bottom line, we hosted Thanksgiving at my house. It was a very casual meal. I think we actually forgot one of the vegetable dishes in the warmer.
What I remember most was what I felt thankful for that day. Not my health, which fortunately is good. Not for our material possessions, with which we are blessed. Not for my job, which I know I’m lucky to have. It was the people. I was so thankful for my wife and daughter and son and son’s girlfriend. For my brother, his wife, and daughter. My sister, her husband, and 3 sons. My mother. My other family. My friends from work, school, town, church, college, high school, and, yes, Facebook. Bottom line, it’s the people who are most important in my life.
I was reminded of that feeling after the very sad events of the last few weeks. It’s terrific that we can have each other for the good times: the parties, the celebrations. But it’s even more important that we have each other for the hard times, the sad times.

Sad news. Classmate Richard McGovern, husband of classmate Jean Colaneri-McGovern, died on December 4. Our condolences to Jean, their children and grandchildren, and family and friends.

More sad news. Classmate Michael Mizer died on December 6. Our condolences to his children, granddaughter, and family and friends.

And more. Gary McKenney, brother of classmate Gail McKenney Marsigliano, died in October. Our condolences to Gail and her family and friends.

And still more. Judy Carcieri, sister of classmate Linda Carcieri, died in November. Our condolences to Linda and her family and friends.

And even more. Michelle Aquilante, daughter-in-law of classmate Donald Aquilante, died in November. Our condolences to Donald, his son, and grandson.

And finally. CHSE math teacher and basketball coach Alvin Clegg died in November. Our condolences to his family and friends.

So many passings are hard to hear about. Please reach out to the people involved. And, as always, please share your memories and connections with each other here.

I also hear happy things from classmates, of course. Grandchildren being born, special vacations taken, personal and professional accomplishments. But I don’t feel quite right about including them right now. Does that make sense? I’ll pick up here next month.

For now, let’s treasure the people in our lives. Take care of each other. And let’s connect again in the new year.

Happy Christmas!

Best wishes in the New Year!

Ed DeJesus


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