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2013 May

Illness sucks. My wife has had stomach aches for almost 4 months now. She’s over the original problem – a “minor” infection – but she’s still trying to get her digestion back on track. She’s had to totally change what she eats, when she eats, and how much she eats – and she still feels crumby even after all her precautions.
As for myself, I have a leaky mitral valve and, even on my best days, my right eye sees the world as if looking through crinkly cellophane.
But you know what I’m talking about. Many of you or your loved ones have far worse issues that you’ve been dealing with for far longer. We’re all getting older, last time I checked, and we’re accumulating issues as we go. It’s kind of inevitable.
What isn’t inevitable is how we choose to spend our time DESPITE what we might be dealing with. Despite feeling lousy all the time, Ellie still somehow managed to look for jobs and interview for one, which she got and which she loves. I might have a defective heart valve, but I was still able to help haul tables and other paraphernalia around for 6 hours on Saturday at my church’s community day. And whatever our classmates are dealing with, I’m sure they’re giving it their best shot at getting the most out of life despite what’s going on.
Let’s all hang in there and be there for each other, as we always are.

Our numbers have changed for the better. We now believe we know the whereabouts of 702 classmates, a new maximum. Yay us! That belief is about to be sorely tested as we try to contact everyone for the upcoming party (see below). It’s always interesting to see how many people have moved or changed their phone number or email address. It’s almost as if notifying me ISN’T the most important thing they have to do. :)

Condolences to Paula deCaro, whose mother died recently.

Condolences to David Fowler, whose brother Niles died recently.
Tom Iacono remembers Niles as “one of the funniest guys I knew in high school,” which I can second.

Condolences to Pat Giarrusso, whose mother died in February.

Condolences to Mike Bellotti, whose father died in March.

Condolences to Nancy Hunter Diodati, whose husband died in January.

We learned that Miss Bressler, who taught girls physical education during our time, died recently.

David Fowler successfully completed another Boston Marathon to benefit the foundation he’s set up in his son’s memory:
Luckily, Dave was unhurt in the bombing at the marathon. He’s written about his experiences here:
By the way, Dave’s son in law, Marshall Lewy, is a film director. His latest film is called “California Solo” and was released in November. It’s available on Netflix and On Demand.

Roberta Martellucci was happy to see Dean Bengtson mentioned in his role as a missionary in Japan. “Because of Facebook, Dean and I can communicate with one another.” Roberta herself has been playing guitar, singing, and teaching in orphanages for more than 25 years.

John Kennedy has this remembrance of classmate Marc Plante, who died recently:
“I am taken aback by the death of Marc Plante. Marc and I played a lot of hoops together and were teammates at Park View. I even played on a summer league team in East Greenwich with his older brother Freddy, who is one of the great schoolyard legends of RI hoops. Freddy beat out Ernie D. for the MVP award in the N. Providence League in consecutive summers.”

Philip Winsor sent a list of the many kinds of jobs he’s had: USMC electronics tech, manufacturing aluminum windows, forklift driver, bronze caster and moldmaker at Gorham’s, house painter, carpenter, furniture moving, getaway driver (just checking to see if we’re reading), gambler, home and business maintenance, bouncer, ski instructor at Killington, truck driver, plumber, electrician, heavy equipment operator, bartender, bookkeeper, gun dealer, and accountant. Phil has been married for 28 years and has two daughters, one of whom helps out with his accounting business. His hobbies include rowing, biking, camping, and guitar. He hasn’t slowed down since hip replacement surgery in January.

Cosima Fallon brags about her brother, well-known radio broadcaster Dave Fallon. “April 1st, 2013 was his 45th year in radio. He started out at the age of 18 on PRO-FM, then went on to PRO-AM, WEAN, and WBZ. He is now at RI NPR- RI Public Radio as afternoon host, news anchor, producer, and editor. You can tell I am proud of him!”

Must brag! My daughter Katie McConnaughy won a Leadership Award at Stonehill College this semester, where she’s a junior. This year, she served as a student minister (kinda like an RA) in her dorm. This summer, she’s doing an internship at the My Brother’s Keeper charity in Easton, MA. In the fall, she’ll be an RA in the dorms.

Did someone mention a party? Oh, right! You are invited to a 60th Birthday Party for the entire Class of 1971! Saturday, June 22, 2013 at the Stagedoor Restaurant at the Park Theatre in Cranston. All the details are here:
This will be our first class get-together in Cranston and should be a lot of fun!
Dan Barry initiated this effort and has been tireless behind the scenes, reviewing venues and making the decisions and commitments necessary to make this party happen. Pat Giarrusso and Ernie Rheaume are handling the money. Paul Verduchi created that web site and all the technical wizardry behind it, and has put a lot of effort into the planning.
We could use help in several areas, such as making phone calls to contact classmates. If you can help out, please let me know.

We have lots of ways to keep in touch online, now. For example, we have a web site:
(thanks to Ernie Sutcliffe for starting and maintaining)
and Facebook group:
and a Facebook event for the last Reunion:
Check out one or more of these easy ways to see what people are up to.
And, by the way, I post these updates online at

That’s about it for me. Enjoy spring!

Ed DeJesus

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