Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 October

I think I’ve mentioned a few thousand times before that my son James graduated from BU in May. In September, I helped him move from his former apartment in Brookline to his new apartment in Allston. Of course, every other apartment-dweller in Brookline and Allston was also changing apartments on the same day. I have never seen traffic like this in my life outside of concerts or sports. Rental vans and trucks everywhere (including ours, of course). Also, about 98 degrees in the shade, and no shade. When we actually were able to reach his building, it didn’t take very long to schlep his stuff up to the third floor, and I was pretty glad to be done with the whole process.
I have mixed feelings about all this. On the one hand, I’m very proud of him for landing jobs and finding an apartment and roommates. He’s a very responsible kid, and he does a good job of taking care of himself. On the other hand, he clearly didn’t move home after college, but continues living out in the world. Those first steps I was so eager for when he was a toddler now keep moving further away. My little boy is growing up.

Our numbers remain steady at 692. If you ever get any contact information for classmates, especially email addresses, please forward them to me.

I do have a little mystery about two classmates: Robert Fitzgerald and Edward Lawrence. Does anyone know the whereabouts of either of them? Thanks for your help.

Sad news: Classmate Deborah Ann Frattarelli Surabian died last month after an illness lasting over a year. Debbie actually attended the 2011 reunion.

As mentioned previously, we are trying to put together a massive 60th birthday party for us all. Details on the where and the when are being worked out. I’ll let you know when I do. We will need to make the usual titanic effort to contact AWOL classmates. If you’re willing to make a few phone calls, please let me know. That’s one task I would prefer to shirk off. Thanks!

Classmate Mariachristina DeMarco McKendall is running for state senator in North Kingstown and Narragansett. Here’s Tina’s Facebook page:

Classmate David Fowler’s daughter Tiffany has published a new children’s book. Here’s a trailer for it:
And here is Tiffany’s web site:
David has a lot to be proud of!

Classmate Bill Dube continues to push the boundaries of electric motorcycle technology and performance.
The latest excursions for Bill and his wife Eva are to the old Loring AFB near Caribou Maine:
Eva gave a great "dog and pony" show to about 100 middle-school girls as part of the kick-off for their Science and Math Summer Camp program:
They also raced Eva's electric streamliner sidecar motorcycle, KillaJoule, on the Bonneville Salt Flats:
They continue to flirt with speeds around 200 mph!

You may recall that classmate Tom Iacono published an article in the Providence Journal about Albert Martin, the only Rhode Islander at the Alamo. As a result, Tom received an invitation from the RI Heritage Hall of Fame to attend the induction ceremonies that were held to honor Captain Martin. Tom was told that his article “influenced the board’s decision.” Tom, Nancy, his son Ellis attended the ceremony in Providence. “It was an interesting and enjoyable afternoon. Martin was inducted along with several other notable Rhode Islanders from the 19th century. It was very gratifying to know that my effort to share the story about a forgotten Rhode Island hero resulted in his being placed in permanent recognition and honor among other greats from our state.”

Classmate David Lanni reports that he took his son and two of his son’s friends to Cancun to celebrate his graduation from high school. “It was my son and his two friends, so, as you can imagine, managing three boys in Cancun can be challenging. We experienced Hurricane Ernesto and for two days, we had high winds, torrential rains, and high surf. Although it took away from our vacation time, if you have never experienced a tropical storm in the Caribbean it is fascinating. We also went rappelling, zip lining, and swam in an underground cave. Overall a lot of fun!”

We have lots of ways to keep in touch online, now. For example, we have a web site:
(thanks to Ernie Sutcliffe for starting and maintaining)
and wiki:
(also thanks to Ernie)
and Facebook group:
and a Facebook event for the last Reunion:
Check out one or more of these easy ways to see what people are up to.
And, by the way, I post these updates online at

See you next month!

Ed DeJesus


Any info on any of these missing classmates?
Michael Gavigan
Lori Paolino
Neal Sapoznick Storme
Linda Irene Baris
Susan Jean Bottomley
Janet Claire Buckley Flynn
Janet Phyllis Cohen
Donna Croner Pytka
William A. DiBiasio
Anthony Ralph Difillipo
Joan M. DiMeglio Rogers
Karen C. Erickson
Paula Jean Frye
Craig Hart
Robin Faith Levy
Jennifer Rosemary Lyles
Roxane Poulin
Debra Quattrucci
Anna M. Ryan
Donna J. Sciarra
Patricia Ann Shiel O'Rourke
Frances Terranova

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