Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 May

I was making a cake the other day, something that I’ve done many times. But this time I had something on my mind I was thinking about and really wasn’t paying attention. When I poured the batter into the cake pans, it didn’t look right. At first I thought it was just because I had more batter in one pan than the other. Then I zeroed in on the lumps. A lot more lumps than there should be. And then I realized: I hadn’t actually mixed the batter. I just combined all the ingredients and then poured it into the cake pan. Threw it all out, started over again. Lesson: pay attention.

No change in numbers from last month. We still think we have contact information for 692 classmates.

Sad news: Word has reached me that classmate Linda Brousseau died in California on May 3. I have no other details. Our condolences to Linda’s family and friends.

Condolences to classmate Carol (Sousa) DeIngenis, whose husband Francis DeIngenis died in April.

Congratulations to Dave Fowler and Robbie Blinkhorn, who completed a grueling Boston Marathon on a very hot day in April.

Congratulations to Mary Caldarola Smith, who completed a ten-mile run in Philadelphia at the beginning of May.

Congratulations to Dave Lanni, whose three sons are pulling off a triple graduation this year.
David Jr. is getting his MBA from Walsh College (Michigan). Derek is receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Oakland University (Michigan). Daniel is graduation from De La Salle High School (Michigan). “So we will be having a rather large graduation party this June or July.”

Inquiring minds want to know: People have asked me about classmates who have already retired: what they do, how it’s going, advice for the rest of us shlubs, etc. I know that several classmates have already retired. So, do you feel like sharing how you managed to do that so quickly? How do you spend your time? How is it going for you? What advice do you pioneers have for the rest of us?

We have lots of ways to keep in touch online, now. For example, we have a web site:
(thanks to Ernie Sutcliffe for starting and maintaining)
and wiki:
(also thanks to Ernie)
and Facebook group:
and a Facebook event for the last Reunion:
Check out one or more of these easy ways to see what people are up to.

This Sunday, my son James is graduating from Boston University. I expect to be proud, happy, and a little teary.

That’s it for this month. Let us know what’s going on with you!

Take care.

Ed DeJesus

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